Saturday, May 5, 2007

Demo Application Server

Would anyone like a demo application server? I'm going to be creating a web site here pretty quick (In about 2 months) and when I get it created, I can post up some zip files on the server with the source to the examples I post. I will also post the source to the examples I have now.

So, would anyone be interested? If so, comment on this with your thoughts.

I've been really busy this last week with LANDesk so I haven't had all the time I needed to get these demo apps created. I'm tring to get the time to continue working on them because it helps me out a lot. So, if y'all are still interested in my blog and my help with Objective-C, just subscribe to the RSS feed and it will notify you when a demo app is ready.

1 comment:

Chinmoy said...

Hi, this is Chinmoy again.

I am interested.